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One Short Day in the Volcano-Destroyed City

Last week, the Fleeman family ventured to Ancient Rome with a trip to the California Science Center for their special Pompeii exhibit. I know embarrassingly little about Rome for a history major, as evidenced by the following conversation: Katie: I wasn’t really planning on going to Greece during my Europe trip. Scott: Pompeii is in … Continue reading

It’s Raining Beys

Last weekend, I broke every social media rule about posting frequency for one reason and one reason only: Beyoncé. Yes, Brittany and I joined the throngs of other pilgrims at the Rose Bowl last yesterday to experience the wonder that is Queen Bey.  We Woke Up Like This I’ll get to Beyoncé soon, but this … Continue reading

Authors Alliance Launch (Storify-ish)

I created a Storify a few months back summarizing the launch of the Authors Alliance in May. Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed it into a WordPress hosted site, so it languished in my drafts folder. Now that I have the time, here’s a makeshift “Storify”/recap of the event: In SF? Come join us at our kickoff! authorsalliance.eventbrite.com … Continue reading

All Together Now; or How I Came to Hate the Zoning Laws

You know an event is off to an auspicious start when your first thought is, “Oh shit I have to mingle?” followed very closely by “It’s okay I get a free beer!” Last week, I went to All Together Now: Technology and Social Responsibility, a Tech Panel hosted by The Bold Italic. Like any good … Continue reading

Oh it’s beer beer beer…

Tuesday night, Gabe and I went to the San Francisco Historical Society’s November talk. The talk, entitled “The 150 Year Cycle of Brewing in San Francisco,” focused on the historical trends affecting brewing in San Francisco. And it came with a free bottle of Anchor Steam! In typical historical society fashion, I was the youngest … Continue reading

This Jen, is the Internet

In possibly one of the greatest moments in recent television, the character Moss introduces his supervisor Jen to the internet. If you haven’t watched the clip, watch it now. Actually, drop everything you’re doing and go watch the entirety of IT Crowd. It’s on Netflix. Do it. Mk, you’re done? Okay cool. Because last week, … Continue reading

Shaping SF: Radical Archiving and Cataloging as Social History

Yesterday, I went to Shaping SF’s public talk on “Radical Archiving and Cataloguing as Social History.”  Part of a larger series, the talk featured an archivist from the Oakland Museum of California’s All Of Us Or None poster collection and two archivists from the Freedom Archives. As the title implies, the theme was Radical Archiving, or … Continue reading