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Tim’s TARDIS Beanie (Pattern)

For Timothy’s 21st birthday (in, erm, November) I gave him the gift of all of time and space in the form of a TARDIS hat! (Note: this is modified from a pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s one of my favorite knitting books – and funnily enough was a last minute gift itself – and I … Continue reading

One Short Day in the Volcano-Destroyed City

Last week, the Fleeman family ventured to Ancient Rome with a trip to the California Science Center for their special Pompeii exhibit. I know embarrassingly little about Rome for a history major, as evidenced by the following conversation: Katie: I wasn’t really planning on going to Greece during my Europe trip. Scott: Pompeii is in … Continue reading

It’s Raining Beys

Last weekend, I broke every social media rule about posting frequency for one reason and one reason only: Beyoncé. Yes, Brittany and I joined the throngs of other pilgrims at the Rose Bowl last yesterday to experience the wonder that is Queen Bey.  We Woke Up Like This I’ll get to Beyoncé soon, but this … Continue reading