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“Your band stinks”

There’s a recent article in California Magazine making its way around my newsfeed this week. “Pied Paupers?” looks at the budget situation with the University of California Marching Band. (TL;DR: the university doesn’t give them much.) This article is reminiscent of “Spirit on a Shoestring,” an article California Magazine ran in 2011 also describing the … Continue reading

That one time U$C did something actually kind of nice

Earlier this week the PAC 12 Band page erupted into massive flame war. (I’d left that pages ages ago but lowkey rejoined just to see what all the fuss was about.) So for this Throwback Thursday, at the risk of starting a flame war of a different kind, I feel like talking about that time the … Continue reading

Oh it’s beer beer beer…

Tuesday night, Gabe and I went to the San Francisco Historical Society’s November talk. The talk, entitled “The 150 Year Cycle of Brewing in San Francisco,” focused on the historical trends affecting brewing in San Francisco. And it came with a free bottle of Anchor Steam! In typical historical society fashion, I was the youngest … Continue reading