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This Jen, is the Internet

In possibly one of the greatest moments in recent television, the character Moss introduces his supervisor Jen to the internet. If you haven’t watched the clip, watch it now. Actually, drop everything you’re doing and go watch the entirety of IT Crowd. It’s on Netflix. Do it. Mk, you’re done? Okay cool. Because last week, … Continue reading

One Short Day in the Not #Shutdown City

Last week I went to DC for the ASAP Awards. Along the way, I went on some adventures with Miranda and Lizz. And these were better than normal adventures – these were MUSEUM adventures. With a gnome! A few highlights/big picture thoughts. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Miranda and I stopped by here to check … Continue reading

Cal Had a Department of Home Economics? Part I

Hey Katie, what are you writing your thesis on? Marriage education at UC Berkeley …There was marriage education at UC Berkeley? Yup, in the Department of Home Economics …We had a Department of Home Economics??? So goes a typical conversation about my senior thesis. I recently reread one of my favorite historical monographs: The Academic … Continue reading

1776 and the Perils of Historical Performance

Yesterday the federal government shut down, and in honor of the occasion I went to see a play about how our government almost failed to begin. I’m talking about 1776, a musical play about our Founding Fathers, finishing its last week at ACT. 1776 is one of those musicals you tell people you’re going to … Continue reading