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Photo Credit: Camille Villa

Photo Credit: Camille Villa

Note: This post is the same text as on my About Page.

So I think this picture pretty much sums me up. I’m on Alcatraz, the headphones from the audiotour that detailed the history of this island around my neck. I rock my Cal Band swag: the zip-up and the sunglasses. San Francisco stands in the background as my DeCal co-facilitator snaps a picture, while we enjoy the field trip courtesy of my parents visiting from SoCal. It’s super windy, so I put my hair up in a ponytail – against the advice of my best friend Ashley, who isn’t currently present but she gives this advice often enough so I can hear her insist I wear my hair down even though it has a tendency to bug me but I guess it does look nice so I will try. Oh, and the wind is about to knock me over. Because I’m small.

I’m a recent UC Berkeley graduate, armed with a BA in history and senior thesis about sex and marriage education at my alma mater in the 1940s and 50s. I marched piccolo in the Cal Band for four years, in which time I traveled to four cities, directed a marching band adaptation of Phantom of the Opera and tricked a few trumpets into thinking it was a tradition to cover them in glitter. In my four years at Cal, I also co-founded a historical research class, tutored in San Quentin, led writing workshops, and wrote for an arts and culture ‘zine. I also discovered that I actually enjoy watching sports, and that everything I ever thought I knew was both absolutely wrong and absolutely right.

Right now, I work in marketing for an open-access online science publisher in San Francisco. I am going through massive academia withdrawal – everywhere I look, I see potential research paper topics, and I find my to-read list filling up with books about gender in the sciences and the complicated narrative surrounding Mary Magdalene. And World War Z. I joined a historical society, scoured Goldstar for discount theatre tickets, and bought a new set of crochet hooks.

And that’s where this blog kicks in. I agonized for weeks over how to focus and brand my writing. Do I continue to write about prison education? California politics? The various history papers I never got a chance to write? And whatever will I do with all the nitpicky suggestions I have for the zillionth production of Romeo and Juliet I’ve seen? And then it struck me – I think I’ll just write about everything. “All the news that’s fit to print”; well, here’s all the thoughts fit to blog.

I named the blog for the two places I have lived. (Well, maybe fudging a bit – SoCalBayArea doesn’t quite capture the same catchiness) They’re the two places that shaped the way I think; the way I think influences the way I write; and what I write is what you get to read. It’s a blog about the muggy 405 and the chilly Embarcadero; a materialistic Tinseltown and a snooty SF; Chinatowns and indie movies and all the varying iterations of Taco Tuesday. And, lest we forget, the miles and miles in between, above and below. And perhaps, if we’re lucky, the occasional out of state field trip.

Go Bears! Beat the wind!



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